Pumping Works



Type of Service Necessary proceedings Fees to be remitted (if necessary)





Maximum number of days to get the service Concerned officer Next higher authority Remarks
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
a. Pumping works under emergencies ordered by Government, Commandant General, Director, District Collector, Superintendent  of Poice or Divisional Officers in public interest                
b. For Cinematographic purposes   Rs.15000/- per day of 24 hours or less (all inclusive)        Divisional Officer Concerned    
c. For all other purposes   Rs.500/- per hour or part thereof subject to a minimum of Rs.2000/- and maximum of Rs.6000/-per day (all inclusive)       Station Officer Concerned Divisional Officer Concerned  
d. Supply of Drinking Water to Minister’s/ Speaker’s house & Raj Bhavan   At Government cost       Station Officer Concerned  Commandant General  

1. When undertaking pumping work, the total pumping hours shall not exceed 12 hours in a day of 24 hours and a pump shall not be continuously run for more than six hours at stretch.
2. During standby duties pumping will be allowed free of charges only in case of a fire. Pumping in all other cases during the course of standby duties will be treated as pumping work and charges will be levied accordingly.


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