Kerala Fire & Rescue Department is basically an Emergency Service Department, whose functions are multifarious and emergency oriented. Besides emergency service function, it has Statutory, Regulatory and Advisory functions also. On the Emergency Service side, the prime duty of the Department is to fight the fire incidents and rescue life and property from the danger, damage and destruction caused by fire. Its emergency services are extended to Standby duties during carnivals and festivals, VVIP visits, industrial /chemical/environmental disasters etc. The Department attend to transportation rescue calls related to emergencies like road,rail, air and water transport accident, accidental fall into wells, drowning in ponds/rivers/sea, building collapses, LPG and other poisonous gas leaks during transportations, victim trapped in lifts/cliffs and otherwise, other natural and man-made disasters etc .

1. Fire Fighting

Fire fighting service of this Department is absolutely free. The public have to inform the details of fire incidents including address and way to reach the site through telephone or any other mode.

2. Rescue Operations

This department save valuable life of human being and other lives without any fees.