The head of the Department is the Directort General who is the rank of the DGP, IPS rank and under him there is a Director (Technical) and Director (Administration) at the Headquarters. There are six Regional Offices located in Thiruvananthapuram, Kottayam, Ernakulam, Palakkad, Kozhikode and Kannur. Each region has a Regional Fire Officer and Each district has a District Fire Officer and each Fire & Rescue Station has a Station Officer as the station in charge.

In each station in addition to Station Officer there Assistant Station Officers, Senior Fire and Rescue Officer, Senior Fire and Rescue Officer(Mechanic), Fire and Rescue Officer, Fire and Rescue Officer(Driver). In addition to this, there is a full fledged ministerial staff in Headquarters, Regional offices, Academy and District Offices.

For imparting training to the employees and newly recruited Fire and Rescue Officer, Fire and Rescue Officer(Driver), Senior Fire and Rescue Officer, Senior Fire and Rescue Officer(Mechanic). Fire& Rescue Services Academy was started at Viyyur, Thrissur in 2007. A Regional Fire Officer, 3 District Fire Officer and Station Officers who have the charge of the training are also working in this Academy. Recently a Motor Transport Wing is formed in the Department and Station Officer (MT) is posted one each at the Headquarters, six Regional Offices and at the Kerala Fire & Rescue Services Academy.



RFO – Regonal Fire Officer                             FO – Finance Officer
DFO – District Fire Officer                              AO – Administrative Officer
STO – Station Officer                                    SS – Senior Superintendent
STO(MT) – Station Officer(Motor Transport)
TVM – Thiruvananthapuram,
KLM – Kollam,
PTA – Pathanamthitta,
ALPY – Alappuzha,
EKM – Ernakulam,
IDK – Idukki,
PLKD – Palakad,
TSR – Thrissur,
WYND – Wayanad,
KKD – Kozhikkode,
KNR – Kannur,
KZD – Kasargod,
FRS – Fire & Rescue Station
CD – Civil Defense
FARSA – Fire And Rescue Services Academy
IATWR – Institute for Advance Training In Water Rescue