Kerala Fire and Rescue Services Academy, Viyyur came in to existence on 04.06.2007 at Viyyur,Trichur. It was inaugurated by the Hon. Chief. Minister of Kerala Sri. V.S. Achuthanandan. It is situated 7 KM away from Thrissur town, near to Kerala Police Academy and Central Prison Viyyur. It has 8 acres of land of its own. It is the one and only training centre of Kerala Fire and Rescue Services Department for imparting basic training to Fireman, Fireman Driver Cum Pump Operator, Driver Mechanic Recruits and various inservice courses up to the rank of Assistant Station Officers of Fire Service, as per the guidelines laid down by the National Fire Service College, Nagpur under Ministry of Home affairs, Govt of India.

Previously Fire Service personnel of this department were trained at Fire Service Training School at Fort Cochi. At present the Academy is headed by Director(Technical).

Existing Training Facilities

1. Office Facility

Administrative Block: Administrative bolck comprised of ground floor, Ist floor and IInd floor. 1st floor having 755.36 m2 and its major portion is utilised for office functioning.

2. Class Room facility

Class room facility for the trainees are provided in the first and second floor. Four class rooms with a capacity of 100 each and two other class rooms with 50 each is available in this academy. One classroom is equiped with LCD projector.

3. Accomodation Facility

a. Hostel Block : The Hostel block comprised of a Ground Floor, First Floor and Second Floor. The Ground Floor consist of 6 non-attached rooms and 5 attached rooms. It is provided with a Dining Hall and a Kitchen. The first floor has 15 non-attached rooms along with a Recreation Hall. The Hostel Block has a total number of 41 rooms. At present two trainees/instructors are accommodated in a room. Hence the Hostel Block can accommodate a maximum of 82 trainees.

b. Garage Block : As the construction of the barrack is not yet started, accommodation facilitiy for recruits under going basic courses, is provided in the Garage rooms also. There are three garage rooms having capacity of 25 each.

c .Quarters : A total of 11 quarters is available in the premisies of this academy. Details are given below.

Quarters Type No. of Quarters Quarters No.
Type IV 1 A.TMC IV/538
Type III 4 B1-TMC. IV/538
B2-TMC. IV/546
B3-TMC IV /547
B4-TMC IV /548
Type 11 6 C1-TMC IV/540
C2-TMC IV/539
C 3 –TMC IV/ 541
C4-TMC IV/542
C5-TMC IV/ 543
C6-TMC IV 544

D. Mess : Mess facility is provided for the trainees as well as instructors. Existing kitchen and dinning area are insufficient to accommodate more trainees.

E. Parade Gruound : We have 1 outdoor training ground with a capacity of giving training to 200 No. trainees at a time. The same is Bitumunised. A normal running ground with a capacity of 100 is also there.

F. Swimming Pool : The construction of a swimming a pool with a dimension of 15m x 18m for conducting swimming, diving and SCUBA training is at the last phase.

G. Various Equipments : The Academy possess only limitted number of vehicles, equipments and appliences. During training, appliances and equipments are shifted from various stations on temporary basis.

H. Vehicles : ET-1. Mini MTU -1, Mini Bus-1, JCB-1, Jeep-2

I Recreational facilities : A separate volley ball court is provided for the recreational purposes. an outdoor gymnasium was constructed by 14th Batch FDCPO Trainees & 14th batch DM Trainee which is a major attraction of this academy.

4. Existing Staff Strength

Academy runs with the staff pattern of Fire & Rescue Services Training School, Fort Kochi, which was started in the year 1962. The same staff pattern was shifted to fire academy at the time of commissioning. Later the post of Director (Technical), Manager, Junior Superintendent and one clerk were shifted from Head Quarters to this Academy with effect from 27/08/2009 as per G.O. (M.S) 131/09 Home dtd. 17/08/2009. The sanctioned staff strength is given below.

A. Executive
Director (Technical) 1
District Fire Officer 1
Station Officer 1
Station Officer (MT) 1
Asst. Station Officer 1
Leading Fireman 2
Fireman 5
Fireman Driver Cum Pump Operator 4


B. Ministerial
Manager 1
Junior Superintend 1
U.D. Clerk 2
L.D. Clerk 1
L.D. Typist 1
Cook 1
Water Carrier 1
Part Time Sweeper 1

5. Courses

This academy conducts training Programmes such as Basic Fireman training course, Basic Fireman Driver Cum Pump Operator Course, Basic Driver Mechanic Course, Leading Fireman In-service Course, Driver Mechanic Eligibility course, Driver Mechanic Course (By Promotion), Training of Trainers (TOT) course, Assistant Station Officers Course, Station Officers Induction Course, Station management course, Practical attachment of external sub officers course, Station officers and instructors course and Divisional officers course from National Fire service college Nagpur.

a). Courses Counducted Sofar

Sl. No. Course No. of Trainees
1 1St T.O.T 67
2. 2nd T.O.T 46
3. 12th Batch F/M
(Including 4 VSSC +2 FACT Candidates)
4. 21st Batch ASTO 36
5. 13th Batch F/M 349
6. 32nd Batch L/F Course 81
7. 11th Batch D/M 10 – (8+2 PSC)
8. 90th Batch Sub-Officer 35 (25+10 Defense)
9. 33rd Batch L/F Course 75
10. 34th Batch L/F Course 65
11. 14th Batch F/M Course 35
12. 22nd Batch External Sub-Officers 27
13. Induction Course of STO’s. 15
14. 22nd Batch ASTO Course 31
15. 23rd Batch ASTO Course 58
16. 24th Batch ASTO Course
(Course cancelled vide Order No. A2-2340/09 Date: 8-10-09 of CG, TVM)
17. 13th Batch FDCPO Course 9
18. 1st Batch DM Qualifying Course 30
19. 24th Batch ASTO Course 38
20. 25th Batch ASTO Course 73
21. 12 th Batch DM Course 25
22. 1st Batch Station Management Course 23
23. 35th Batch L/F Course 61
24. 15th Batch FM Course 13
25. 2nd Batch DME Course 19
26. 36th Batch L/F Course 38
27. 37th Batch L/F Course 28
28. TOT Course 28
29. 16th Batch FM Course 496
30. 38 th batch LF Course 80
31. 13th Batch DM Course 12
32. 36th Batch ASTO Course 33
33. 14th Batch FDCPO Course 225
34. 14th Batch DM Course 1
35. 27th ASTO Course 39
36. 3rd DME Course 17
37. 15th Batch FDCPO Course 19
38. 24th Days Industrial Training 1
39 1st Refresher Course for STO/ASTO (Regarding NOC) 27
40. 40th Batch LF Course 57
42. 2nd Refresher Course for STO/ASTO (Regarding NOC) 26
43. 15th Batch DM Course 13
44. 16th Batch FDCPO Course 41

b) On going Training Programmes : Presently 13 DM primitives & and 41 FDCPO recruits are undergoing training for the 15th DM Course & 16th batch basic fireman drive cum pump operator course.

Affiliation of National Fire Service College

It is high-time to affiliate the Academy to National Fire Service College, Nagpur for a national level accreditation which will help to attain national standards in nearby future. This will help for imparting up to date and advanced training in the science of fire prevention, fire extinction and fire engineering. After obtaining accreditation from National Fire Service College, Nagpur this Academy can conduct courses to general public and industry personnel which will become an income generating program for the Govt. of Kerala. Steps have been taken for getting accreditation at the earliest.