Our Mission

  • To protect people’s life & property from fire and other accidents.
  • To protect our community from all possible hazards by providing progressive high quality emergency services and preventive measures.
  • To carry out effective and timely fire fighting, rescue and life saving operations and Disaster Management activities and thereby ensure maximum performance and render remarkable service to the public.
  • Develop well organized and trained Fire & Rescue Services so that human resources of the department measure up to multiple challenges of a Fire & Rescue Service.

Our Vision

  • Dedicated and best community focused Fire & Rescue Services ensuring a safe and secure environment for all.
  • To honor the trust of the society by demonstrating commitment to deliver professional Fire Fighting & Rescue Services activities with compassion, respect and utmost courtesy.
  • To ensure community safety by creating basic awareness regarding fire safety, life safety and Disaster Management among the people and thereby mitigate the fire loss and improve effective and timely rescue and life saving activities.
  • Minimize the response time in urban and rural areas by increasing the number of Fire & Rescue Stations and mobility profile of the Department.